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Elisabeth Pachleitner | Project Management Austria, liaison between partners and clients, RWR card & social integration 

  • studied Migration and Integration Management
  • 10 years of experience in fundraising and marketing for non-governmental organizations
  • Focus areas: Project management, fundraising, migration and integration management

Elisabeth began her professional career in Zimbabwe as a consultant and valued intercultural exchange. Later, she advised non-governmental organizations on fundraising and marketing for 10 years. Inspired by her volunteer work, she studied Migration and Integration Management. Her goal is to create a humane environment for international professionals that benefits both sides.

Alfons Fanta | Management apsa, Deputy Project Management Austria  

  • 16 years of experience in personnel services and consulting
  • Master of Business Administration in Economics
  • Self-employed for over 25 years
  • Focus areas: Personnel consulting, business management, and corporate culture

As an entrepreneur and married father, Alfons combines professional success with a strong family background. He grew up in Brazil and is a native Spanish speaker, bringing a unique cultural perspective to his work and supporting the development of international partnerships.

Andrea Kerschbaumer | Technical project management for additional training for professional recognition

  • 5 years of teaching experience in the healthcare sector
  • Experience in training third-country nationals
  • 15 years of experience as a registered nurse 

Andrea has extensive experience in the nursing field and in-depth knowledge of university didactics. She is known for her empathetic and patient-oriented approach. She is a key player in designing the additional training programs for DGKP, PFA, and PA within the Bootcamp framework and will personally teach the groups in their home countries both technically and practically. Additionally, she will train the trainers in the Philippines and Colombia.

Thomas Hiebaum | Representative of apsa in the Philippines & Singapore, Project Manager for the Philippines & Coordination of Third Countries

  •  13 years of experience in international recruiting
  • Strategic international business consulting with a focus on Southeast Asia
  • Focus areas: Project management, organization, and social integration of Filipinos in Europe, intercultural exchange, technical training

Thomas lives with his wife in the Philippines, bringing an international perspective and valuable cultural insights to his work. He and his team manage seamless communication and coordination with recruitment partners, the language school, and oversee the technical and intercultural training in Manila.

our partner in Colombia

🔗 | Asensus Lab is a transnational employment agency that focuses on eliminating barriers to accessing professional opportunities abroad. Asensus Lab provides its services in conjunction with the administrative unit of the public employment service. This guarantees a transparent and secure selection and placement process.

  • Transnational Colombian recruitment license
  • High-level relationships with the education sector in Colombia
  • Knowledge of the Colombian labor market
  • Close relationship with Colombian immigration and emigration authorities
  • Continuous monitoring of German language learning
  • Comprehensive training (linguistic and cultural aspects)
María José Melo Gómez

Director of Business Development

Sandra Helena Mancera Bejarano

Psychologist & Recruiter

Claudia Fonseca Jaramillo 

Legal Advisor

José Alejandro Abusaid Gómez 

Legal Advisor

our partner in the Philippines

skill scout philippines supports companies in legally bringing professionals from third countries to Austria. With over ten years of experience in recruiting, skill scout offers comprehensive services from identifying and pre-selecting candidates to their linguistic and cultural preparation, relocation, and application for the Red-White-Red Card. Through close cooperation with local partners, careful needs analysis, and structured schedules, we ensure high-quality recruitment, rapid integration, and increased diversity in your company.

Thomas Hiebaum

Project Management Philippines & Coordination of Third Countries

Richel Bögner

Technical and intercultural support for professionals

Rainer Bögner

Technical and intercultural support for professionals